Kaleidorug designer modular rugs

KALEIDORUG™ Hand tufted modular rugs are the first ever designer modular rugs founded in 2018 by London-based multidisciplinary/new-media artist & designer Taline Temizian.

With a background in art, fashion, jewellery/product design and coding, Taline has gained a thorough understanding and appreciation of classical & modern architecture, typography and interiors. She has travelled and exhibited her art, participated in artistic projects and installations internationally. The inspiration led to creating an exhibition vision with a floor installation, with parts and modular approach to formulas and variables constantly creating new results and new designs.

Kaleidorug 'It's An Overkill' medium rug
"It's An Overkill/Auto-Portrait rug" – Kaleidorug M (3.04 x 1.82m Ethical Wool)
1 of 1 – Private Collection

With prototypes and concept development in the run-up of her solo show at Paul Smith in April 2019, a first artefact was created as a unique tapestry of the artist's auto-portrait titles "It's An Overkill", being well received, Taline started working more towards an interior direction to complete her vision for a deconstructed and contemporary living space that combines functionality, luxury and design. The designs comprise design protected shapes that originally were based on letters, that are unique to Kaleidorug™.

Designer modular rugs

Our clients can choose from a variety of categories – Small, Medium & Large and their scaled-up versions. These categories are composed of designed shapes, depending on the size the number of shapes vary. Using only the finest grade, hand carded, hand spun ethical wool or bamboo mixed with silk, the rugs are hand tufted in Scotland.

Different weavings and pile heights are available in Solid, also Lazer Patterned (unique to Kaleidorug™), as well as Art Patterned.

Kaleidorug™ rugs are unique – combining craftsmanship and creativity to produce pieces that are original, practical, beautiful and of the highest quality.

Kaleidorug SPACESHIP rug large
SPACESHIP Kaleidorug L (4.56 x 2.73m)
Handtufted in ethical wool and bamboo silk with Kaleidorug signature monograms.
Limited edition of 8 available from studio@kaleidorug.design
Kaleidorug SPACESHIP rug

For further information please contact us at design@kaleidorug.design


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